Gardens: Iris Edition

It’s with my greatest pleasure I present our newest niece- Iris Hill, to whom I dedicate and honor this post to.  Right now my flower beds are blooming with her namesake so without further introduction I give you Irises of both Hill and Stevens Point.


(photo credit: Amy Blomberg)

If you were to come visit our humble abode- you would say one thing, ‘You have a lot of irises!” When we moved into our house last year in July, the iris plants had already bloomed. I had no idea what to expect this spring when they came up and let me tell you, God did not disappoint! I couldn’t help but to take the opportunity to capture a few of these beauties in photos and so I wanted to make sure and share them with all of you. So far I’ve counted 5 different varieties of irises, but not all have bloomed yet. So sit back and enjoy!








Enjoying His creation daily-



A special thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for allowing me to share their Iris with you!

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