While The Men Are Away The Ladies Will Play

Back in February Seth started planning his annual canoe trip to the Boundary Waters. After some debate and discussion Seth decided to invite my cousin Julie’s husband, Matt.  With that came the brilliant idea (on my end of course) that us wife’s should go also. I mean I would only be 30 weeks pregnant with our fourth and Julie 26 weeks on her first….a week later, we decided not the smartest probably and today I can definitely sigh in relief that their 5 day camping/canoe trip with tons of rain didn’t include us.

But Julie still came and stayed with the kids and I…and we had a blast! By now I completely am trying to not complain and for the most part have loved being pregnant but man this time around I would love to be done next week.  Knowing Seth would be gone for 5 whole days and the rainy weather forecast and just the kids driving me a little nutz was a bit stressful. Julie called and said she is bringing baked mac n cheese and cookies and salsa and snacks and just her bubbly self  which made me get really excited to have someone else here! And boy is that what I needed! Let me tell you when you get two pregnant woman together you get lots of nesting motivation, and lots and lots of really yummy foods with no limit.

Here is a peak at a few pictures….

One Morning Julie made special cranberry mouse pancakes with cranberry syrup and even told a few mouse stories to go with them 😉 Our kids love stories and always ask for anyone to tell them one.


Wednesday we went to Ikea and met cousin Danielle, who came home and even spent the night with us. It was great chat time but we all stayed up a little to late. On Thursday we hit a few garage sales in the morning. We came home for lunch and made fresh spring rolls and got to have Brigitta join us. The kids were in attention heaven with Danielle, Julie and Brigitta ( I loved this more then you will ever know). I even snuck out and planted my garden and added some hostas to our “little to be desired” landscaping.



One night we made little fabric cork boards to pin notes on or hang with a picture. Tutorial of these easy, inexpensive and fun craft will be coming….I also tackled some living room curtains one night after the kids went to bed. Again we stayed up way to late every night…



Saturday the boys had their first tee ball practice with the Lakeville Fleas. HILARIOUS! They are so cute and funny.  When we prayed that night I asked the boys what they were thankful for….

Heston, ” My toys and that I got to play with them today”

Hardy, “That Julie gets to come and watch my tee-ball game tomorrow.”

Hardy is so the tender heart little goof ball. We then preceded to feed the kids lunch in the car and go to more garage sales. Baby Buckwheat (Julie and  Matt’s unborn baby boy- PS  The boys coined the nickname) made out! Tons of cute little boy outfits and some random buys. For dinner- steak and potatoes on the grill with edamame:) SO GOOD! We ended the evening with frosty’s and Heather Aunan coming to watch Safe Haven. Good movie but grab the Kleenex.

(Heston is number 9 and has a red long sleeve on. Hardy is number 10 and has a gray long sleeve)




To finish our weekend on Sunday we got Punch Pizza and took it to Lake Calhoun to meet Danielle and her dog, Stanzi. What a beautiful day!



Wow that was a long post. I wanted to give you an idea of a few days with company. I love having people around and to visit with. I really love family and good friends. In the end and after all the stress of a day you really have to look at life and appreciate the good people around you. Embrace them! Surround yourself with them! I am so thankful for Julie and who she has become as a woman. I am very excited to watch her become a mother but most of all I am happy she has a loving husband and has an amazing and great attitude towards life. Thanks Julie for the great week! We love you!

Off to hear Seth’s fishing stories……Mal

3 thoughts on “While The Men Are Away The Ladies Will Play

  1. great tutorial Mal ,looks like it was just what you two needed….call me tomorrow k lots of things to talk about I love you MOM

  2. Just what I needed too…..made me feel close to family as I went thru the days with you girls! Closeness of family, really, that is what life is all about. love you little mothers, just like I loved being a mother to your mother Mal and to your Dad Julie and Danielle. And, those kids are the frosting on cake…priceless! hugs and hugs, Gramma Joanne – GG keep bloggin’

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