Once Upon a Time…I use to read…


I’m in a weekly bible study with 10 other women. We all have kids and plenty of  “life”  so most of the time there are usually 5-7 of us on a typical Thursday night. Most of us have been together for 2 years so it has been an amazing journey as we have studied Ruth, Esther, The Wilderness and 40 Years of Wondering with Priscilla Shirer, Marriage and Women Making a Difference and lastly Romans. I, being a newer Christian ( I gave my heart to the Lord as a junior in high school), really am learning a ton of history, theology and true Bible stories. Digging into Romans has been the hardest and most complicated to grasp, but gave some insight to our surroundings and world ideas.

One of my favorite verses out of  here is Romans 12:12-13 ….”Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.”

Oh the daily struggle with patience:)

The last few weeks I also have read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp- GREAT READ!!!! The timing for myself couldn’t be more perfect . I completely struggle some days with the monotony of daily life, cooking and cleaning, raising 3 kiddos, being pregnant and preparing for 4 of them running around. Everyday I need to truly be THANKFUL for all we have been given and how blessed we are. Thankful for the little feet and constant noises, thankful for a family and a husband who cares and works hard, for family,  thankful for freedom and friends, thankful for a church family and above all thankful for a Savior!!!! God is so good and He deserves all the credit….

Thanks for listening to my thoughts…..Mal


PS. My kids LOVE to read too….hopefully one day I can read novels in days and many books a year:)…someday…all in good time

PSS. You will notice Emma’s pictures are amazing and all taken with her new Canon camera. I have a Nikon. Digging it out, taking pics, downloading, ect…takes time. I don’t have too much time.  So yes my pictures are either taken from my tablet or iPhone…someday….I will download and take nicer pictures…all in good time 🙂

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…I use to read…

  1. amen Mal, your an amazing young mom,wife,daughter,sister..friend,cousin……love you ….give those little punkins a hug and kiss from Gramma J

  2. oh mal, just the fact that you can find time in your busy life to do things like this is amazing and something your kids will appreciate all of their lives…………..A mum who cares!! love you girl

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