A New Adventure: It started something like this…

 Emma: So Mal- I decided to start a blog and I want you to be my partner in crime. Are you in? 

Mal: Mmmm…I love reading people’s blogs and always thought it would be fun. I’m not so good with technology, but with you…I’m in! This should be interesting.

Emma:You can give the perspective of a housewife with kids and I can give the other end of the spectrum as a housewife with no kids. What sort of things should we blog about?

Mal: Daily life-I do think our home lives are interesting. You know how much we love to craft (Pinterest you are going to be the death of us!). We both love to cook, but I am more of the throw it in and pray it turns out kind-of-cook. We both are involved in our churches so we can share how God is at work in not only our lives, but those around us too.  I also have plenty of material with the three little ones at home and one on the way. 

Emma: Fabulous! We also love to garden and attempt to make healthy life choices, so I think we could do this. I can’t wait to get started!



The Housewives

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